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In today’s modern world, people have no time for self-care and that’s the fact. We all live a busy life in this competitive era where we don’t pay attention to our health. Did you know massage can help to relieve muscle pain, stress, and tiredness?

What if you can bring a professional masseur to your home?

Yes, you can actually have a professional body massage at your home without the need for a professional masseur with the help of the Massage Chair.

Modernization brings innovations and we have plenty of options to choose the right massage chair from the market.

Most people do not have time and money to visit the professional massage parlor for the same.

To make you feel relaxed and to give you full comfort, a massage chair is highly recommended by those who have bought it.

A therapeutic massage chair relaxes your body by massaging away your body aches and by releasing stress and stiffness in your muscles.

All you have to do is just sit on the chair and the rest will be done by the massage chair itself.

You don’t need anybody’s help for the same, the massage chair will act as a professional masseur for you.

You can have a lot of benefits by owning a massage chair for your home-use. It comes with plenty of health benefits by providing professional massage therapy.

Gone are the days when you have to manage things manually. The traditional massage chairs don’t offer extra health benefits as they come with limited functions and features.

In today’s digital era, we have the latest models designed with the latest technologies that offer full body massage at your home.

A massage chair is not ideal for everyone and still considered a luxury item in many countries.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea still many people have the desire to buy it for their loved ones or for their parents who are experiencing different types of body pains.

Since the market is full of competition with hundreds of models present on the market, we can’t decide which model is right for you.

To help you narrow down the selection process, we have reviewed the market’s best massage chairs on this website.

We have picked the top-rated massage chair that fits in everyone’s budget and also provided all the benefits of a professional massage.

We have also prepared a detailed buying guide for the new buyers who are completely unaware of the massage chairs.

Before we jump on to the buying guide, let’s follow the list of the best massage chair reviews now!

Massage Chair Types 

Massage Chairs are of different types as they are designed with unique massage techniques. The most common chair types are enlisted below.

Some manufacturer lets you convert your massage chair to a different type. You must check the supported types when you buy a new Massage Chair from the market.


This is the most common type of massage chair. All the massage chairs have this feature to relaxes your body while massaging. Being the most common type, it’s an affordable type of chair.

Full Body

Full Body Massage Chair is ideal for old-age people who are experiencing body pain in different parts and joints. It takes care of your entire body and massages all the parts and joints effectively.


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique which is gaining more popularity in the recent days.

Shiatsu is nothing but the traditional finger massaging technique. This technique targets specific body parts and joints and provides effective massage there.

Chair Pads

Chair Pads is for those who can’t afford a massage chair. This pad acts as a massage chair that covers the lower body part and waist of the user. You can put this pad on your chair to start the massage.

Zero Gravity

This is the most advanced type of Massage Chair and most of the new buyers prefer to go with this type.

The unique design extends the chair and makes it like a bed. It elevates your legs parallel to your heart. This chair covers all the body parts of the users and provides full body massage.

What are the different Massaging Techniques and their benefits?

With the growing popularity of the massage chair, there are hundreds of options for the different types of massage chairs available on the market.

Let’s understand the different massaging techniques that are included in the message chair by the manufacturers.


The rolling technique uses built-in rollers to massage the different types of your body.

The rollers move up and down to massage your spine and other body parts by providing the required pressure on the massaging points.


Most massage chairs come with a pressure technique that uses airbags. Multiple airbags are located in the different areas of the chair. It provides pressure on different body parts and joints to relieve stress and pain.


Stretching is the classic yoga technique that involves the physical movement of the roller. This technique stretches your body parts and makes you feel relax.


This technique uses the standard acupuncture technique to massage your body. It focuses on specific joints and body parts.

If you haven’t used any of the massaging technique, then this massaging therapy could be a little painful to you. This technique is highly recommended for those who are experiencing extreme body pain.


Tapping involves rollers of the system that acts as the tapping technique to relieve pressure. It acts as the traditional spa therapy to relieve stress levels.


This technique is highly used by professional users as it involves slow and deep roller movements. This technique is suitable for extreme pain and muscle stiffness.

What Features to Look for? 

With innovations in the technology market, we have some of the advanced massage chairs present in the market that involves the latest technology features and innovative massage techniques.

The following features are must check before you finalize a particular massage chair.

Foot Roller Massage

Foot Roller is an essential thing to consider when buying a massage chair. We all need a proper foot massage to relax our body and the foot roller massage is there to relieve stress from your legs. Some models come with airbags that wrap up the legs while massaging.

Heating Therapy

Heating Therapy is the most common and highly recommended massage technique in the massage chair.

It is an ideal therapy for stiff muscle. It blocks pain senses from the muscles that reduce the pain level in your body.


Most Massage Chairs include airbags to use the air pressure technique. Multiple airbags are located all around your body in the different parts that relax the parts by providing effective massage. More airbags provide better massage.

Computerized Body Scanning

We all have different body shapes and to provide proper massage to certain body parts, the massage chair must have to figure out the different parts accurately.

With an automatic computerized body scanning feature, the massage chair figures out your body size that provides effective massage.

Auto Programmes

All Massage Chair comes with automatic massaging programs. The latest massaging programs vary from chair to chair and different manufacturers provide unique massaging modes.

Check out the built-in massage programs to massage your body with different techniques.

Manual Massage Mode

Sometimes, we don’t find the automatic massaging modes user-friendly and they can’t work on a specific body part.

To give a proper massage to a certain body part, you can enable the manual massage mode in your massage chair.


The control panel is located on the side of the armrest that provides easy-to-use controls for operating the different functions and features of the massager.

A control panel lets you control the intensity level of the massager, the current massaging mode and suitable massaging technique.

Memory Settings

Since you have the power to customize the massage technique and massage mode, you may want to use the same technique and set in the future.

You can save the customized massaging settings for future use with the memory setting option. You can set a different massaging technique for different family members of the family.

Connectivity Features

Advanced Massage Chairs come with innovative connectivity features and entertainment equipment to spend a relaxing time while you massage on the chair.

Latest Massage Chairs come with built-in Bluetooth speakers that let you connect your Smartphone to the Chair’s Built-in speakers located around your head.

Some massage chair comes with a built-in media player that lets you play MP3 songs without connecting to a smartphone.

A USB port is also included in many massage chairs that lets you use a USB stick to play your favorite music.

Things to Consider While Buying a Massage Chair 

Most of the things that you must check before buying a massage chair is included in the above lists.

However, a few additional things should also be considered which are enlisted below.


If you are searching for a budget-friendly massage chair, then you have to search for the models that come under your budget.

The above list contains all types of massage chairs with a different budget and for different types of users. You can explore the models and can go with the one which is suitable for you.


Know how much space does a massage chair require in your room. A Massage Chair is not a small chair as it includes airbags, recliners, and zero gravity positions.

So before you decide which massage chair should you buy, consider for the space that you need to allot to the massage chair.

You can also use this chair like a normal massage chair by placing it beside the sofa set.

Warranty Period

Warranty length on the Massage Chair must be considered as it lets you use the massage chair worry-free.

Massage Chair is not a cheap product and if the warranty from the manufacturer or the company is not included, then you will have to spend extra money on the maintenance or repair if the machine stops functioning properly.

Make sure you check the warranty period and its length as well.

A standard warranty covers the body parts and labors. Some manufacturers also include a warranty on the internal parts of the machine as well. Do spend your time to read the terms and conditions in the warranty section.

Our Take: 

Massage Chairs are used by almost everyone as they come in different ranges. It’s not a luxurious item anymore as anyone can buy it from the market at a reasonable rate.

We have tried to bring the best massage chair from the trusted manufacturers here and also provided detailed reviews of each model here.

A detailed buying guide helps the new users to understand the different functions and features of the massage chair.

Go through the detailed buying guide, follow the reviews of the top-selling massage chairs and pick the one which suits your basic needs!