Best Massage Chair Reviews 

Are you looking to purchase the best massage chair for yourself or your loved ones?

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Massage Chairs

Best Massage Chairs Reviews

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage

BestMassage is a trusted brand in the industry known for its new range of different types of massaging equipment and tools.

The company’s new range of chair massages offers all-in-one massage therapies at your home.

The Full Body Electrica Shiatsu Massage Chair from BestMassage is a new-generation recliner chair that also takes care of your body by providing full comfort at your end.

What’s unique about this massage chair is it has got all the advanced features and functions that make it the best-selling massage chair on the market.

It’s a fully professional massage chair that takes care of your needs by providing adjustable settings and easy-to-use functions.

You can easily adjust the sitting angle of the chair as per your needs.

It comes with three different controls to manage the speed of the massage, the intensity of the massage, and the width control to cover the massage area.

All these three advanced massage settings help you to relieve your body stress and to make you feel relaxed.

The chair has four massage points that cover the neck, shoulders, back, legs, waist, and foot massage with advanced heating technology.

Being the latest model, it is designed with the latest Air Massage System which is equipped with standard heating therapy.

The chair features 21 airbags located on different parts of the chair to support the body parts of the user.

The heat therapy system is there for foot and back massages. You can relieve the stress from your back and foot with heating therapy.

Massaging your body on this chair will increase blood circulation which ultimately relieves stress levels in your body. It also helps you to recover from regular body pain.

With Smart Body Scanning technology, the chair tracks down the body size of the users.

Once the scanning of the body is done, the chair can be customized or can adjusts its massaging area.

There is a specialized auto-mode function also present on the control panel.

This auto-massaging mode adjusts the intensity level of massage and other basic requirements automatically.

The built-in sensors automatically detect the body size, different body parts, etc. for the user for a comfortable and relaxing massage.

If we talk more about the innovative features, then this massage chair comes with seven different built-in massaging modes to cover all the body parts of the users.

Kneading, heating, air pressure, shiatsu, tapping, stretching, and combo massage modes are provided.

You can also use the stretching mode that provides full-body stretching just by sitting on the chair.

This product is backed by the company’s limited warranty.

The company is also providing a 100% refund of the money if you are not satisfied with the performance of this Massage Chair.


  • Features 21 Air Bags that covers all the body parts
  • Supports sensitive areas and provides an effective message there
  • Equipped with the specialized heating therapy
  • Automatic size adjust feature with the new body scanning technology
  • Seven built-in massage modes
  • Easy-to-access control panel


  • It requires some basic technical knowledge if you are a frequent user.
  • Otherwise, it’s a great option for normal users who will use it once a week.

Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair

Luraco is known for its range of Robotic Massage Chairs.

The new Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair is ideal for those who want professional spa-like massage therapy at home.

The 7 Plus Massage Chair is also known as the best Medical Massage Chair for those who are experiencing different types of body pain.

With its automatic robotic massaging modes, you can easily remove body pain from different parts of your body while providing maximum comfort during the massaging.

This is the newest model in the company’s range which is equipped with some of the most advanced massaging modes.

This latest model is built for the extra safety of the users while providing all the medical benefits. What’s unique about this robotic massage chair is its control panel.

The control panel is quite user-friendly where all the user controls are provided. It is located within hands-reach for easy operations of the different modes of massage.

It is designed with noise reduction technology allowing the massage chair to run silently without making unnecessary noise.

The massage chair is ideal for those who don’t like noisy machines.

It provides maximum comfort while relaxing your body muscles. It comes with built-in customizable memory settings that let you set and store a unique massage mode.

Your entire family can set up the desired massage mode so that they can run the machine as per their requirements without any hassle.

Furthermore, it features a manual massage mode as well. You can use this mode to pinpoint a specific area of a part of your body.

It supports six different body parts that include the neck, shoulders, back, legs, waist, calves, arms, etc. With variable speed control, you can have a relaxing time on the chair.

Moreover, dedicated pause and resume buttons are also located on the control panel.

You can quickly pause the massager just by using the pause button or can resume it anytime you want by tapping on the resume button.

The different intensity level allows you to operate it the way you want.

What’s new about this robotic massage chair is it comes with a built-in Bluetooth Speaker.

On top of that, there’s a built-in voice command feature in seven different languages available.

You can hear the voice and commands of the chair for further instructions and guidelines.

With its multi-user design, it can accommodate human bodies of all sizes.

You can adjust and set the massaging mode yourself and can set the suitable massaging mode for your own body.

Next time when you use the massager, just select your own massage mode from the control panel, the massage will start and act as per your direction.

This product is backed by the company’s 5 Years warranty on the parts and labor.


  • Stylish design with extra comfort for the users
  • Smart handheld touchscreen panel with easy controls
  • 6 locations for multi-intensity massage control
  • Supports voice commands
  • Features built-in Bluetooth Speakers


  • Some users are complaining about the poor customer care service.

Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Ideal is relatively a new brand in the industry still it has managed to gain good popularity in the market.

The company has a range of advanced massaging chairs to provide maximum comfort and full relaxation.

If you are searching for a new-generation automatic massaging chair, then Ideal Massage‘s Shiatsu Chair is the perfect option for you.

It’s a fully-body zero gravity massage chair that is designed with a combination of different massaging technologies.

It also includes the standard vibration function. Vibration technology is still considered as the best technique to stimulate blood flow in the human body.

Being a zero-gravity massage chair, you will get three unique zero-gravity positions. You can sit or lie down on the chair comfortably for the massaging.

At any point, you can change the position just by pressing the pause button from the control panel.

The control panel is quite user-friendly and lets you easily operate the various functions and massaging modes of the chair.

Unlike other options, this model comes with 10 unique default massaging programs.

The built-in massaging programs cover the different areas of your body and you can use these programs to relax your entire body.

Depending on your needs and the availability of time, you can use the suitable massaging mode right from the control panel.

Apart from this, there are six different massaging techniques that you can try out on this single massaging chair.

You will be able to use kneading, shiatsu massage, full-body stretch, full-body massage, and swing technique.

All the techniques are unique in their own way and is designed to provide maximum comfort.

Being the latest edition, it comes with smart features that include automatic size adjustment with the smart 3D body scanning feature.

It scans your entire body and adjusts the chair’s height as per the body type. It also features dual-layer head cushions for maximum comfort.

The design of this chair is extra-comfortable and that doesn’t make you feel bored.

Multi-chambered airbags provide support to your different body parts that include arms, shoulders, hands, feet, calves, etc. Air acupressure massage provides the best massage therapy.

This product is backed by the company’s five years limited warranty on the parts and labor.

Use this massage chair worry-free and stay relaxed and healthy!


  • Zero-gravity massage chair
  • 10 unique massaging programs
  • Uses six different massaging techniques
  • The multi-chambered design provides maximum comfort
  • Auto height detection mode


  • The roller of the neck is not good for a neck massage. It doesn’t contact the neck part properly.

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Relaxonchair is a popular manufacturer of the latest massage chairs.

The company has recently upgraded its range with new technology features and other innovative massaging functions.

The new Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is the perfect massage chair for those who are looking for a zero-gravity massage chair.

What makes this brand so much popular in the market is all the products of the brand are made from high-quality materials.

They offer a premium set of features with a user-friendly design.

With innovative rollers, it provides professional spa-like massage therapy to relieve stress levels and make you feel comfortable.

To make it convenient, the manufacturer provides an easy-to-use remote controller that can be used with a single hand.

All the functions, massaging techniques, etc. can be controlled using this remote control.

The massage chair comes with 4 unique and automatic massage programs.

Kneading, Tapping, and Combo, these three massaging modes are there on the control panel to set the suitable massaging mode.

Apart from the massaging modes, users can also adjust the intensity level of massage with three intensity levels.

What’s unique about this chair is it comes with three unique zero-gravity positions that let you adjust the height and position.

The user can also use the manual massage mode to pinpoint the affected area or point from the body.

This massage chair works with a unique rolling system that starts from the upper body to the extreme lower end providing massage to the entire body.

Built-in sensors equipped with a computerized scanning system that scans your entire body and adjusts the height and size of the system.

Apart from the unique roller system, the same chair includes special airbag massage technology that uses multiple airbags that inflates and deflates as per the existing massaging mode.

Additionally, the chair includes two unique heating pads at the bottom side of the chair that works with the standard heating therapy to relieve the stiffness of the joints.

This product is backed by the company’s limited 3 years warranty.

It’s a non-transferable warranty, the warranty is included in the parts and mainframe of the massager.


  • The gentle yet firm massage rolling system
  • Two heating pads included for the lower body
  • Provides full body massage with automatic massaging modes
  • Three positions of zero gravity mode
  • A built-in computerized full-body scanning system
  • Deep tissue massage with full-body stretching modes included
  • Full size easy-to-use remote controller


  • Some users have received defective remote control that doesn’t work properly.
  • The full-body scanning feature is unable to scan body size sometimes

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – SM-7300

If budget is not an issue for you and wants to buy a premium-end and multi-functional massage chair for full body massage, then Kahuna Massage Chair’s SM-7300 Massage Chair is the best option for you.

This massage chair has been modified with new features and it now comes with a one-hand remote control for easy operability.

This Massage Chair is built-in a newly designed SL track that includes six roller systems.

It is designed with advanced technologies that help you relieve stress levels in your body.

Standard heating therapy is also included for a foot massage.

The versatile design accommodates all types of users in its 21 inches-wide seating, 12 inches of leg extension, and 24 inches of shoulders.

It uses the acupoint massaging function that works with acupressure technology to relieve stress from joints.

With its unique zero gravity design, this massage chair requires less space than the standard designs.

It can be easily folded into a mini chair and you can extend the size with its different positions.

You can use the zero gravity positions to stretch your body and lay down as if you are in a professional massage spa.

A special hip-air massage technology relieves lower back stress which is good for people who are experiencing lower body pain.

It comes with an innovative remote control that features an extra-large LCD screen.

You can easily view the different massaging modes and programs using this remote control.

You can set the massage programs from the built-in programs or can adjust the intensity level of the massage using the convenient remote control option.

A specialized seating space makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Being a premium-grade massage chair, it comes with innovative LED lights on the sides which look great.

The chair comes with 9 auto programs that let you focus on special body parts.

4 special programs with 5 standard programs make this massage chair the best option for everyone.

This product is backed by the company’s 2 Year limited warranty on the parts and labor.

An instruction manual is included in the box with the warranty card.


  • Space-saving zero gravity design
  • 9 built-in massaging programs
  • Advanced body detection program to detect the size of your body
  • Attractive LED lighting on both sides
  • Wrap-around foot and calf massager with heating therapy


  • It’s pretty expensive and not suitable for economy buyers
  • The LCD controller doesn’t work properly

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair Maker is the most trusted and known brand in the industry with a range of different types of massage chairs for all types of users.

The new LM6800 Massage Chair carries a unique full-body massaging formula to relax your entire body.

It’s made from high-grade materials that offer long-lasting life.

It’s a specially designed massage chair designed with 4 rollers that includes an air-cell massage system.

This unique massaging technique provides effective massage on your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips.

Additionally, the L-track massage system is designed to support your neck as well.

This unique roller system provides massage from your neck to the extreme lower back.

If anyone in your family suffers from lower back pain, then this massage chair removes lower back pain effectively from the back and other body parts.

Its unique zero gravity design is known for its space-saving design.

It occupies very little space in your home and you can extend the chair to its full length easily with the three-stage positioning.

You just need to keep it 3 inches away from the wall to extend the design of the chair. It makes you feel more comfortable while massaging your spine and other body parts.

The feet area features dual foot rollers on the foot area. This unique foot massage holder lets you massage your feet only.

Moreover, the massage level and intensity of the massage can also be controlled using built-in modes.

If we talk about the advanced features, then this chair comes with automatic computerized body scanning technology that detects the size of your body naturally.

You can also make use of manual programs and massaging modes to operate the massage chair as per your requirements.

You will get five unique manual massage techniques with 6 auto programs.

You can select the desired massaging program and technique to start the massager.

The lower back area and leg department feature unique heating therapy.

If you don’t want to use the rolling system, you can enable the heating therapy that will work on your lower back and feet area.

This product is backed by the company’s five years structural warranty and three years warranty on the parts and labor.


  • Feel extra comfortable with the cushioned neck area
  • Unique zero gravity design saves space in your home
  • Built-in massaging modes with unique massaging techniques
  • Computerized body scanning technology
  • Performs quieter and doesn’t make unnecessary noise


  • Some users are complaining about the poor build quality of the massage chair.

Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair

Real Relax is a popular brand that is known for providing quality products at reasonable rates.

If you are searching for an all-in-one massage chair for full body massage, then Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair from Real Relax is the best model for you.

Being the latest edition, this Massage Chair comes with a set of innovative features that makes it one of the best massage chairs in the market.

Its unique design accommodates users of all types and sizes. With the advanced computerized scanning technology, the massager adjusts the size as per the type of user.

For the convenience of the users, this massage chair comes with a specialized smart remote control.

It uses an advanced VFD screen that lets you operate the different massaging modes and functions with a single hand.

The Massage Chair includes 8 unique massage modes for the full body. It includes 50 airbags that support different body parts such as the neck, shoulders, arms, waist, hips, legs, calves, etc.

Airbags can be inflated and deflated as per the selected mode which makes it easier for you to focus on a specific area of your body.

Since most people experience leg pain, this chair comes with a unique foot massage pad that relaxes your feet easily.

It uses both roller and airbag techniques for the foot area.

It’s a portable massage chair that comes with integrated back wheels.

A special waist heater focuses on your waist and relieves stress using heating therapy.

Its unique zero-gravity design converts the chair into a bed.

Just press the zero-gravity position button to convert the chair into a unique bed position to make you feel weightless.

This latest massage chair comes with smart features such as Bluetooth compatibility.

You can use connect your smartphone with Bluetooth to play music through the integrated speakers on the massage chair.

When you turn on the power button, the Bluetooth option will be enabled and you can connect it to your smartphone just like any other device.

This product is backed by the company’s limited warranty of 3 years on the frame and labor.

A useful user manual is included inside the box with easy-to-follow instructions.


  • Specialized Zero Gravity Design
  • Comes with a Smart Remote Control
  • A unique foot massage pad
  • Special heating therapy for the waist
  • Uses over 30 airbags to support various parts of the body
  • Integrated wheels at the backside
  • Built-in Bluetooth compatibility


  • The legs area can’t be extended
  • Some of the programs are not working properly

Massage Chair by OOTORI

Ootori is not a big name in the industry but still, the brand has managed to gain enough popularity in today’s modern world with its latest all-in-one full-body massage chair.

The design of this chair looks extra premium. It features a unique SL-track shape that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

With a unique massage technique, the chair provides effective massage on different body parts.

It covers the entire body and relaxes each of the body parts by providing full body massage with the different built-in modes.

The chair comes with a preassembled one with a full design, you can easily get started with the massage chair by turning on the power mode.

The unique space-saving designs let you extend the chair to its full length by keeping it just 2 inches away from the wall.

It includes a zero-gravity system that comes with three stages of positioning.

With automatic massaging modes, you can use different massaging modes as per your requirements.

A computerized Body Scanner scans your entire body and adjusts the size of the chair.

The design also includes wireless Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your best music tracks while massaging your body.

This product is backed by a limited manufacturer warranty upon request. A user manual with proper instructions is included in the box.


  • Unique Zero Gravity Design
  • Automatic Computerized Body Scanner
  • 6 Auto massage modes
  • Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
  • Shoulder Width Adjustable


  • Not suitable for obese people