Best Massage Guns to Buy

In today’s modern world, people have started using modernized fitness tools and gadgets to take care of their bodies.

Most of us live a busy life that we don’t pay enough attention to our health.

Self-care is essential to keep our body doing daily tasks. To keep yourself active and to relieve stress from different body parts, there’s an advanced fitness gadget called Massage Gun.

A Massage Gun is gaining more popularity day by day just because of its effectiveness to relax body muscles and ease of use.

A massage gun is a wonderful invention to keep everyone healthy and free from unwanted stress and body pain.

Advanced massage guns come with a lot of features to relax your body and ease your muscle pain.

With the growing popularity of this massaging tool, more and more brands have started manufacturing different types of massage guns with unique features and designs.

If we talk about the current market, we have hundreds of options available in the market for a massage gun.

Yes, you can choose a suitable massage gun from a variety of options as per your needs and budget.

If you have a limited budget, you can go with the budget-friendly model as well. Some brands also offer premium-end massage guns with extraordinary features.

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If you have decided to buy a new massage gun to keep yourself stressed and pain-free, then you have to deal with hundreds of models which are available from popular brands.

Choosing the right massage gun from the market is a bit difficult task especially for those who haven’t used it before.

To make the selection process more convenient for new buyers, here we have picked the best massage guns from trusted brands.

Massage Gun

Best Massage Guns Reviews

We have personally tested out these top-rated Massage Guns and reviewed them so that you can easily get the suitable one from the market.

Apart from the reviews of the best massage guns, we have also prepared a detailed buying guide that includes all the useful details of this innovative massaging gadget.

Before we jump on to the Massage Guns Buying Guide, let’s get on to the Reviews first.

opove M3 Pro Camouflage Red

Opove’s M3 Pro is the most advanced massage gun designed with the latest technology to heal your stressed muscles and body pain.

The M3 Pro is a handheld massaging tool that comes with a comfortable handle.

Being the latest massaging tool, it comes with a set of massaging techniques and automatic modes to offer the best massaging experience.

The build quality of this massage gun is very sturdy. It’s a lightweight massage gun that features a handy design to operate it easily.

With a beautiful Red finish, it looks extra-premium. There are two different options available for new buyers- Silver and Red color.

The Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun comes with three different massaging speeds which are also known as variable speed settings.

The massage gun has a maximum speed of 3,200 rpm which you can change and adjust as per your needs.

Different body parts require a different intensity of massage and for that reason, it comes with a variable speed settings option.

The massage gun uses a 24V brushless motor which is very powerful and runs silently.

The massage gun doesn’t make unnecessary noise even if you use it at its highest speed.

It is designed with the latest Quiet Glide Technology which reduces the overall noise from the motor and makes the massaging smooth.

The outer shell of this unit is made from shockproof materials. You will not feel vibrations in your hand while using it.

The massage is durable enough to survive frequent fallouts and accidental drops.

The M3 Pro comes with interchangeable massager heads. It comes with four different massaging heads to massage different body parts.

Depending on the required intensity of the massage, you can use the suitable massager head. You can quickly replace the massager head by twisting it.


  • Excellent build quality with a lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable massage
  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • The good battery life of 3 hours
  • Quiet Glide Technology runs silently
  • Four Interchangeable massaging heads
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days of a money-back guarantee


The massaging strokes produced by this massage are limited to 12mm only. It is not a good option for intensive or hard massage.

Where to buy?

You can buy this Massage Gun from Amazon.

WuBeFine Massage Gun

If you are searching for a massage gun with modern massage techniques, then WuBeFine’s Massage Gun is the best Massage Gun available in the market.

This portable handheld massage gun is designed for the new generation of users who have limited time to spend.

It packs all the advanced features to give you the best of self-massaging experience.

It’s a handheld massager which comes with an ergonomic handle. The handle features a comfortable grip that makes it more user-friendly.

The Massage Gun serves as an easy-to-use interface with quick massaging modes. You can select a suitable massage mode from the built-in massage button.

It is designed to give you a spa-like massage on your own. You don’t need anybody’s help with its ergonomic design.

The massage gun can cover up the entire body to relieve stress and aches from different body parts.

It is also highly used by fitness models to relieve stress levels from their muscles due to heavy workouts.

Being the latest model, it comes with six unique massaging heads. You can customize your message by replacing the massage head with the main massage gun.

Just twist and turn to change the main massaging head. You can use these massaging modes for sensitive body parts and tough massage.

What makes this massage gun a popular choice for professionals is it comes with a 30-speed button. You can easily change the massaging speed by using the 30-speed button.

There is a special LCD screen available on the massage gun to read out the current massaging mode, the speed level, and much more.

Everything can be managed from the LCD screen by the user.

It’s a battery-powered massage gun that equips a long-lasting and powerful battery.

It’s a perfect companion for travelers with back pain or leg pain as they can carry it anywhere they go with its portable and compact design.


  • A portable design ideal for travelers
  • Variable speed control with 30 speed
  • Three massaging techniques
  • Ergonomic handle with comfortable gripping
  • Quiet performance
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Some users are complaining about the poor battery backup of the massager.

You can buy this Massage Gun from Amazon.

Wapike Massage Gun

Wapike’s Massage Gun is known for providing deep muscle relaxation with its unique massaging technique and different massaging modes.

It’s a percussion massager which comes with a portable design. The ergonomic handle of the massager makes it more user-friendly when it comes to buying a comfortable massage gun.

The cordless functionality makes it the best choice for those who need a wireless massaging tool.

The massage gun features a powerful battery of 2,400 mAh that can last up to 6.5 hours with a full charge.

You can use the massage for the entire body as each body part takes up to 5 minutes of massage.

The latest massaging technique is used to promote blood flow, muscle relaxation, relieve stress muscles, and much more.

It’s a great companion for those who are experiencing regular body pain in various body parts.

The massage gun can easily reach out to affected body parts and provide deep massage.

If we talk about the technical specifications, it uses a 24V brushless motor. The powerful motor is designed to provide deep massage at different speeds.

You can change the speed of massaging with a built-in speed variation feature.

The maximum speed of the massager is 3,200 RPM which you can reduce for massaging sensitive body parts.

The massage gun comes with 30-speed levels to get the perfect massage on the body parts.

The speed level can be changed as per your needs from the built-in speed button.

Moreover, it comes with six unique massaging heads. The interchangeable massaging heads help you ease the pain.

There’s a special indication light present on the massage gun. The battery indicator light warns you when the battery level of the massage is low.

It helps you to keep the massager charged so that you can use it whenever needed.

All the parts including massaging heads, chargers, etc. come in a special carrying case. You can also gift this massage gun to your loved ones.


  • Stylish design with durable construction
  • Ergonomic handle with comfortable design
  • Deep muscle relaxation with variable speed levels and massaging techniques
  • Powerful battery with 6.5 hours of backup
  • Comes with six unique massaging heads
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • The instructional booklet is not helpful. You have to learn things on your own.

You can buy this Massage Gun from Amazon.

Feeke P3 Pro Massage Gun

Feeke’s P3 Pro is an advanced and stylish Massage Gun designed for those who need a professional-grade handheld massager.

This Massage Gun serves a unique interface where anyone can easily operate it with various massaging techniques at different speed levels.

It’s a percussion massager which comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handheld design.

It is designed for deep muscle relaxation by improving the flow of blood. You could recover your stress muscles and body pain at your comfort by using this massage gun.

With the latest vibration technology, the massage gun vibrates rapidly to relax your muscle and body parts. It comes with 20-speed levels which you can change or adjust as per your needs.

The variable speed of the massager provides professional-grade massage as you can control the speed of the massager to massage different body parts.

It is designed with an innovative self-lubricating technology that keeps the massager and its parts safe and also expands its lifespan.

You don’t need to worry about the regular maintenance of the massager as it keeps lubricated.

This unique massage gun is designed for providing full body massage with its 6 applicators.

The massage gun comes with six massaging heads which you can change and replace easily. All the massaging heads are there to cover up the different body parts.

It’s a battery-powered cordless massager which equips a long-lasting and powerful battery. It ensures 6 hours of runtime with a full charge.

The massage gun uses a 24V brushless motor which comes with a maximum speed of 3,200 rpm.

It runs silently and doesn’t make unnecessary noise, keeping the environment free from noise.


  • Stylish-looking massage gun with a metallic blue design
  • Special anti-drop shell for added protection
  • Super quiet working noise with Brushless motor
  • 20-speed levels with 6 massaging heads
  • Self-lubricating property
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty


  • The battery life of this massager is very poor as complained by many users.

You can buy this Massage Gun from Amazon.

Flyby F1Pro Massage Gun

Flyby is a trusted brand in the industry with a range of different types of massage tools for all types of consumers.

The F1Pro Massage Gun from Flyby is a professional-grade massaging tool designed for advanced users.

This massage gun is designed to provide the best massaging experience by optimizing the latest massaging techniques.

The sturdy design and stylish look of this massage gun look very impressive.

It comes in a metallic grey finish with an economic black handle. The handle features a comfortable grip for the hassle-free operation of the massage gun.

Being a professional-grade massager, it features five massaging speed levels to suit your basic massaging needs.

You can easily change the speed of the massager by using the speed button. It covers up the entire body starting from warm-up massage to deep-tissue massage.

For versatile use, it comes with six replaceable massaging heads. The interchangeable or replaceable massaging heads of the massager can be easily changed to meet your massaging needs.

You can use the suitable massaging head for different body parts which are included in the package.

The massage gun uses a powerful brushless motor of 24v. The powerful massage gun makes it run smoothly even if you use it at the highest speed.

It’s a fully cordless massage gun that uses 2,600 mAh of battery. You can use the massage gun for up to 5 hours at variable speeds and massage modes.

What’s unique about this massage gun is it comes with a special auto-stop feature.

The massage gun stops itself after 10 minutes to keep the motor and other parts safe from accidental damage or prevent the gun from overheating.


  • Stylish and compact design
  • Comes with 5 Speed Settings with variable speed
  • Comes with 6 replaceable massaging heads
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Uses a long-lasting battery of 2,600 mAh
  • Equips a Smart Pause Technology
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Some users are complaining about the poor build quality of the massage gun.

You can buy this Massage Gun from Amazon.

LifePro SoniX Professional Percussion Massage Gun

LifePro’s SoniX is a professional percussion massage gun designed for modern people who live busy life.

This massage gun is there to relieve the stress level from muscles by improving the flow of blood in the affected areas. It also heals stressed muscles from extreme pain.

This cordless percussion massager comes with a great build quality made from high-grade materials. It uses a powerful 2,000 mAh motor for a deep-tissue massage.

It is designed for full body massage which is why it comes with 9 intensity levels and 7 massaging heads.

You can easily replace the massaging head to suit your massaging needs. Each body part requires special massaging therapy which you can get by using a suitable massaging head.

It uses a brushless motor that runs with absolutely no noise. You can have a noise-free massaging experience with little to no vibration in your hands with its ergonomic handle which features comfortable rubber gripping.


  • Professional-grade massage gun
  • Comes with 9 intensity levels
  • 7 Interchangeable massaging heads
  • Powerful ultra-quiet motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Ordinary-looking massage gun
  • Lacks innovative features such as battery indicator etc.

You can buy this Massage Gun from Amazon.

Massage Guns Buying Guide

What is the Percussion Massage Gun Used For?  

A Percussion Massage Gun comes with a lot of health benefits which are there to relax stressed body muscles by improving the flow of blood.

The percussion massage gun can relax your body by providing deep-tissue massage and can heal your body parts from extreme pain. It is also used for recovery muscles by professional therapists.

How to Choose a Massage Gun?

A Massage Gun is a handheld massaging tool designed for professional athletes and healthcare providers.

However, with the growing popularity of these handy massaging tools, even non-professional and casual users have also started using them for the relaxation of their body muscles.

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If you are a new buyer and want to purchase a new massage gun, you can follow the below given listed things which can help you decide which massage gun is right for your needs.

Design and Build Quality 

When you start searching for a new massage gun, check how tough the massage gun is!

You should check the build quality and the materials used to manufacture the massage gun. Always go with the sturdy model which can last for years.

Ease of Use 

Massage Gun is a handheld tool that comes with an ergonomic handle to hold it and use it on various body parts.

You can use the massage gun to massage different body parts easily. You need to check the overall operation of the massage gun and how you can handle it.

Variable Speed 

A massage gun with variable speed helps you to adjust the massaging speed by using the speed level.

It also helps you to provide a smooth or deep massage to the different parts of your body.

Brushless Motor 

Most massage gun manufacturers are using the brushless motor. It is more powerful and runs silently without making unnecessary noise.

Nobody wants to buy a massaging tool that makes unnecessary noise during the relaxation period.

Massaging Heads 

A massage gun comes with a set of unique interchangeable massaging heads. Massaging heads make the ordinary massage gun a professional-grade massaging tool.

You can easily replace the massaging head for deep-tissue massage, smooth massage, warm massage, etc.

Each of our body parts requires a different massage which you can get by simply replacing the massaging head.


Massage Gun is a portable or we can say Cordless Massaging tool which comes with a travel-friendly design.

It uses a powerful lithium-ion battery which can last up to 5 to 6 hours with a single charge.

You can use the massage gun for that much time by charging it once.

A Massage gun comes with a charger that you can use to recharge the battery of the gun.

Some models feature an LED light to indicate the low battery of the massager.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question 1: Do percussion massagers really effective?

A percussion massage gun helps reduce body pain by improving blood flow on the stressed muscle and different body parts.

Yes, a percussion massager is very effective and highly recommended to those who are experiencing constant body pain in different parts.

Question 2: Should I consider a variable speed feature? 

Yes, you must check if the massage gun has a variable speed feature. It helps you to adjust the speed of the massager so that you can work on different body parts to heal the body pain and relieve muscle stress.

Question 3: Do massage guns help in the recovery of the muscles?

Today’s fitness freaks are using the massage gun as a primary recovery tool. They use it pre and post-workout to provide relaxation to stressed muscles.

Question 4: How often should you use the massage gun? 

You can use it as many times as you want. Generally, you need to use it twice a day for 10-10 minutes on the affected body parts.

You can use different massaging modes and massaging heads to relax your body parts.

Question 5: What should I look for in an ideal massage gun? 

A massage gun is a massaging tool that must come with a powerful motor, variable speed levels, massaging heads, etc.

You should also consider the battery life of the massager if you are going to use it daily.

Final Words: 

A massage gun is an essential tool for every fitness freak who workout in the gym.

It is also considered the primary massaging tool for athletes to relax body muscles and helps them in the recovery of the stressed muscles.

We have included everything that you want to know about Massage Guns in this article.

For your convenience, we have picked the best massage guns from world-class brands and provided in-depth reviews of each.

Go through the reviews of each massage gun, and follow the massage gun buyer’s guide to pick a suitable massage gun that can suit your basic needs. Have a relaxing time ahead!