Things to Consider While Buying a Massage Chair

It is needless to mention that the therapy of massage is considered to be one of the ancient and extremely effective ways of the body as well as mental relaxation.

There are many perks which are associated with the remedies of massaging – it prevents your pain related to back and upper body region, relieves you from anxiety or stress, soothes your depression, helps you to maintain accurate posture of the body and improves your blood circulation.

If anything, massage is very much needed if you are among the people who are desk workers.

Massage chair

It is physically a very taxing job as it accumulates all sorts of strain and tension.

Not only that, the muscle pain and imbalance which are caused due to the exposure to prolonged hours by you sitting on a chair leads to these kinds of difficulties.

While there is a problem, a solution is always on the way. Doing regular exercises to maintain a fit body, frequent stretching when working or opting for an ergonomic chair which provides your neck and feet proper rest are some great fixations.

But no matter what procedure you take up, nothing beats the massage therapy.

While therapists are available to make the job easy, massage chairs are a brilliant replacement for your anytime and instant relief.

It is smooth for you to buy a massage chair but it is wise to follow some tips before confirming this magical recliner.

Budget fixing is the most crucial factor

Obviously, there comes certain questions in your mind regarding the monetary amount since the massage chairs can be quite expensive.

It is understandable if you ask yourself questions like –

  • “How much can I afford to pay to buy this? What will be the total costing? How much shall the shipping, installation and tax charges be?
  • “What option can I choose for payment? EMI or all in one go?”

Choosing the chair according to your affordability is to be considered as a primary factor before anything.

It can range from $500 to $15,000, where the price goes up in terms of technology and characteristics.

So, it is definitely going to be a hefty investment so it is advisable that you must move forward as your budget permits.

What is a chair without its features?

A massage chair is basically just another machine but with more computerized elements as technology advances.

Not restricted to vibration or roller strokes which are basic anymore, it has evolved so much where it provides the facilities of a therapeutic hand as if of a professional.

There are some amazing features for you to look forward after you have set your budget right –

  • Kneading massage – Also known as Shiatsu, it has kneading rolls that functions in the outward movement from the centre of the spine.
  • Rolling – In three ways of upward, sidewise and backward movement, it works by moving the spine’s bones.
  • Tapping – Want the feel of percussive massage? This feature what you were looking for.
  • Zero Gravity – A feel like being into the space, zero gravity recline works by 180° turning which alleviates pressure.
  • Airbag massage – One of the newest addition, airbags are targeted to the body parts where the massaging is needed.

While it caters to the different needs and difficulties of your body, you will have plenty of options to try out before choosing the best one that suits your demand.

Space Allocation for this humongous item

It may not be the first thing which plops into your mind while rummaging about for a massage chair but the area where you will keep it is something you should consider.

While the space taking is determined much by its features (zero gravity recline chair requires more space as it goes to a full recline), you should prepare for this accordingly.

Most of the quality chairs take space where it leans back or are reclined for a better relaxing position.

A minimum of 6 feet or further is needed when these chair goes on a full reclined position.

Newer models are available nowadays which come with a great feature called zero wall.

This chair allows you to keep it from the wall with only 2 inches of less gap. While reclining, instead of going backward, it will gently slide forward when you step on it.

Check for its reliable durability

It’s an imperative when it come to buying any products and checking its guarantee of durability and longevity.

Beware of fraud cases where cheap or duplicate items are delivered, especially when you are buying online.

Always ensure to buy from a trustworthy retailer can come off as a challenge but it saves you a lot of troubles in the later time.

While there can be a possibility where replacement may come as an option, more serious issue is where you have to spend a large sum of money for repairing.

The defects which were initially not noticed can create many difficulties. In such scenarios, buying from a quality manufacturer is going to be a worthy investment as it productive and efficient.

Customer Services for any future reference

When you are buying a product, you are buying their service as well. To ensure that the commodity you choose gives you the best, it is, therefore, important to purchase from a good supplier.

A positively reputed brand have a rate of extremely low defects nowadays. If any problem arises, they provide some outstanding customer services which are reliable and secured.

Warranty is another aspect you don’t want to overlook. Many manufacturers provide warranty but they can often be false or misleading.

Looking for a company who provides great and active online services through the options such as e-mailing, phone calling or chat supporting shall be very helpful for you.

Now the worries are gone of appointing a professional in a fixed set of time and spending a thrifty sum every time you get massage.

With the arrival of the massage chairs, not only can you opt for your much needed relaxation whenever you want but also its one-time investment is undoubtedly a better option than all the other headaches of seeking manual professional helps.

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